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ternarybits's Journal

2 September
pamela & lizzie unite! beware! said...

Btw, hasn't anyone ever tried to correct your misguided ways and informed you that livejournal is way cooler than blogspot? There IS a world outside of Google, and it even has color! ;-) I mean really... this page shows the TIME comments were posted and fails to even mention the DAY! :P We offer message-board like comment threading; you can reply to a comment as well as to a post... You get your own icon, personalized page, ability to join communities that share your interests... Direct link to all recent posts your friends have made... and much much more! And of course, the simple features you may appreciate about blogspot are most assuredly still available. Leave the dark side and enter the light! Check out the amazing features (and even MORE amazing users) at www.livejournal.com.